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The 2021 Perri Jaye 6K Results and Photos..

The top 10 runners:
Bob Jones 26:01
Caleb Kimball 28:47
Kendal Bortles 30:29
Lacey Terry 31:31
Jon Bortles 32:00
Allison Kozanecki 32:37
Alex Straw 34:48
Billy Straw 37:46
Tawny Baxter 39:24
Mike Mueller 39:36


1st Place, Bob Jones

2nd place, Caleb Kimball

3rd place, Kendal Bortles

4th place, Lacey Terry

5th place, Jon Borltes

6th place, Allison Kozanecki

7th place, Alex Straw

8th place, Billy Straw

9th place, Tawny baxter

10th place, Mike Mueller

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