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The 2019 Perri Jaye 6K Results and Photos..

The top 15 runners:
Zeb Kimball 28:15
Bob Jones 28:32
Brad Murray 31:50
Caleb Kimball 31:54
Jamie Trengove 39:58
Hannah Bartels 40:07
Katie Kimball 41:30
Jacob Kimball 42:06
Alex Heigaard 43:30
Connie Chavez 44:55
Donna Eisenbach 51:20
Ali Trengove 56:51
Tyler Trengove 56:57
Bob Bowers 58:03
Margie O'Rourke 01:02:27


The Start

the winner, Zeb Kimball

Bob Jones...a close second place

Susie Lane and Allison Needham

Catherine (Rocket) O'Rourke

Brad Murray, 3rd place

Erin and Dan Burge. Looks like Erin is starting the race with a cold one

Jamie Trengove

The Woody's Crew. Al (LaLa), Rich and John (Carrie's Bitches)

Paul O'Rourke

Caleb Kimball, 4th place

David and Kaitlyn Thompson

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