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The 2018 Perri Jaye 6K Results and Photos..

The top 20 runners:
Bob Jones 27:03
Brad Murray 29:07
Jake Bubak 30:19
Ryan Baxter 31:31
Jamie Trengove 32:26
Debbie Tschudy 33:37
Lonnie McCarter 33:58
Caleb Kimball 35:40
Hannah Bartels 36:54
Louis Duran 36:54
Bill Freytag 41:30
Ashley Meyer 42:19
Donna Eisenbach 43:33
Shelby Eisenbach 43:40
Lori Oleskovich 43:52
Alex Heigaard 44:49
Andy Rollin 44:49
Paul Skinner 45:53
Shelby Behr 47:02
Bob Bowers 51:33


The Start

Pictures of Perri Jaye

Tawny and Ryan Baxter with Ruby Jaye and Nolan

Lonnie McCarter (7th place) and Bill Freytag (11th place)

Brad Murray (2nd place), Jamie Trengove (5th place), Ali Trengove (21st place) and Jake Bubak (3rd place)

Perri Jaye custom tennis shoes and this years race glass

Gina and Denise Chaffin...all smiles

Melinda and puppy

Jeff Sparks, Kidney recipient from Perri Jaye

Trent Vanner....one of Perri's best friends in High School

The race shirt and sponsors for this year.

Porter and Michelle Dobbins

Having a beer, a burrito and remembering Perri

Don Sherman and Chris Cosentini

Dobey....the best dog in the world

The Finish

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