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The Perri Jaye Lang Memorial Foundation

The 2017 Perri Jaye 6K Results and Photos..

The top 20 runners:
Bob Jones 26:52
Michael Meador 30:46
Jake Bubak 31:23
Dean Drexler 33:34
Chris Tschudy 33:59
Debbie Tschudy 33:59
Jamie Trengove 34:08
Hannah Bartels 36:07
Gregory Wood 36:30
Lacey Terry 37:35
Sam Sherman 37:45
Jodi Meador 38:20
Kerri Raub 38:38
Kyle Tripp 38:48
Brando Masden 39:17
Ashley Meyer 40:22
Caleb Kimball 40:24
Rob Crane 41:43
Ryan Baxter 41:52
Addison Helms 45:20


Geting ready to run........

The start....

Our Craft Beer Sponsor

The winner, Bob Jones

Beau Drexler, 4th place

Jamie and Family

Kraig and Donna Summers

Rob Crane

Tawny and Ryan Baxter

Ruby Jaye

A nice glass of beer

Josh and Aubrey Blythe

Kaylyn and Glara

Peter Lang and Ken Miller

Shandee and Family

Addison Helms...her first race.

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