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The Perri Jaye Lang Memorial Foundation

About Perri Jaye

Perri Jaye Lang was born in Golden, Colorado in 1991. Perri was a strong-willed, spirited, lively, 20-year-old with a bright smile and the most beautiful blue eyes. She grew up in a loving family with a brother and both parents. Perri was attending a local cosmetology school with the intent of finishing her education and then beginning her chosen career at a salon in the Evergreen area.

Perri Jaye played softball, starting at a very young age, and became a very reliable centerfielder for the Sweet Cleats, a team that she loved very much. While she never loved waking up for those early tournament games, she thoroughly enjoyed being on the field with her teammates. Make no mistake, the Sweet Cleats loved to win, but winning came second to the friendships that developed among the players.

There were sleep-overs, barbecues, pool parties, raft trips, make-overs, tie-dye sessions, countless team crafts, and thousands of secrets shared. Those activities that form lasting friendships and bind hearts together forever.

Perri loved to laugh. She loved music and dancing. Perri loved to eat and did so quite often! She watched ridiculous television shows. She adored her puppy, her family, her friends. She lived every minute to the fullest.

Perri Jaye Lang died on May 6th, 2011 after a car accident that occurred on the street where she lived. While her death is tragic beyond description; her gifts, in life and in death, are to be celebrated.

To those of us that loved Perri Jaye, life could never be the same without her...so we hope to change lives in her honor. That is the purpose of the Perri Jaye Lang Memorial Foundation...to commemorate her dedication to competitive softball by gifting college funds to Division B softball players. Through the Memorial Foundation, her spirit will live on and enhance the lives of others who love the game.

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